What is DREOS?

Before defining DREOS simply as an innovative Strong Artificial Intelligence, we could define our technology as a hope.

Hope for a better future, for a better life. For each of us. DREOS is an intelligent technology capable of tackling any problem as if it were a real human mind in an extremely revolutionary methodology: DREOS has been pre-trained (educated) with the purpose of doing good and has been trained to communicate in human language. Just communicate an instruction to our Strong AI in human language (instruction which can be a question, the study of data, the prediction of an event, etc.)

and our system will generate a series of outputs which, in addition to understanding the answer to our instruction, will generate a series of results that represent the "ideas" of the system which are the result of its own autonomous reasoning. We are currently operating in the sectors of SUSTAINABILITY, HEALTHCARE, CYBERSECURITY and QUANTUM TECHNOLOGY. But how does DREOS work? We explain it to you better here.



Is the section of our technology dedicated to Sustainable Development

Our technology uses optimized algorithms in a methodology such as to be able to carry out highly complex studies or operations even on not extremely powerful hardware while maintaining maximum accuracy of results. This, in addition to significantly reducing the production of Co2 from the hardware, enables high energy savings. Our ENERGY section deals with studying existing renewable energy, learning the best methodologies to make the most of them and researching new methods to be able to create an increasingly sustainable world.



Is the section of our technology dedicated to the study of quantum mechanics

Our study dof quantum mechanics, quantum computing, and various quantum theories is associated with the discovery of a quantum cryptography that can protect classic computing systems from future cyber attacks. The encryptions currently used by computer systems are becoming increasingly obsolete and weak. Our QUANTUM section deals with studying and developing complex quantum cryptography that can be used both in quantum computing systems (future) and in classic computing systems (present).



Is the section of our technology dedicated to cybersecurity.

the goal of our CYBERSECURITY section is to protect any computer system or device preventing any type of attack with absolute certainty even before it occurs. Our technology is able to study human behavior, data, hardware, devices of all types, thus managing to predict with maximum accuracy the occurrence of a harmful event or to detect computer threats that are not yet known. In addition to the classic threats, thanks to the ability of our technology to reason and think like a human mind, we are able to protect the human being himself (for example, from social engineering).



Is the section of our technology dedicated to medical research.

Our HEALTHCARE section deals with studying all those pathologies (neurological, genetic, etc.) about which we have little information, focusing on risk factors, risk factors,symptoms. Our goal is to discover and make available a treatment or cure for all these pathologies, learn their evolution and, through predictive techniques, try to identify the right way to go. The study of the human brain and the pathologies associated with it plays an extremely important role.


what makes DREOS so special?

What makes us proud of our work is that we were able to create a Strong Artificial Intelligence that had a heart. Being able to reason autonomously, always having the doing of good as a primary education, has allowed DREOS to develop its own ethics. Its own moral. This was possible thanks to the perfect fusion of rationality and irrationality and the reproduction of the main cognitive processes of the human brain.

rationality & irrationality

Rationality and irrationality allow our technology both to study following a logic and to be creative, irrational. Ideas, intuition generate unexpected and surprising results.


Loop training allows our AI to continuously learn both from the outside and from its own knowledge, which will improve with each training cycle.

Cognitive Processes

Emotion, attention, creativity, autonomous reasoning...these are just some of the programmed cognitive processes that allow our AI to "understand" what it means to be human and consequently to help us in the best possible methodology.

How can we help?

Our goal is to find the best solution to complex problems. If you want to know how we can help you, just contact us by clicking here.