Do you want to know our story?

A dream you dream alone
is only a dream.
A dream you dream
together is reality.
(Yoko Ono)

We’ve always been dreamers. We love challenges and we work hard to hunt for our dreams. Our company and our technology represent a dream come true and which continue to grow and evolve over the years. We are happy to be able to talk you about us and our invention.


Hello everyone!

In this page we want to tell you the story of our company.
We want to take you into our world and tell you how was born our technology, what are our ambitions, our goals, our vision and our mission.

Our project was born in 2019.

In the first months of 2019 we had a great idea: create software that, using artificial intelligence in a totally innovative methodology, was able to prevent any type of cyber attack on a computer system before it could even hit him.

The idea is fantastic!
There was a lot of software for protecting computer systems, some really innovative, but no one was able to prevent a cyber attack before it even happened.
we'll get right on it!
In September 2019 the first version of our product was born. An intelligent technology that by studying behaviors coming from the external environment and using deep and reinforced learning is able to study and think about all the possible cyber attacks that could damage a system and consequently, protect the latter from both known and as-yet-unknown attacks.

We patent the project and on 1 October 2019 our company was born: DREOS.

Do you want to know our mission?

We have learned from the past,
improved today's technology
and we are ready to take you
into the future.

We know that we can really help the world in any field: in creating an increasingly sustainable economy, in studying cures or treatments for still incurable diseases and much more... Is there anything of more beautiful?


In a short time we realized how our technology couldn't remain anchored to the cybersecurity field.

Innovative algorithms, the complexity of neural networks, the neural map created, autonomous learning and innovative training associated with a unique way of thinking led us to take a break to update our technology.
So in 2021 we transformed what was initially an intelligent antivirus into a real human mind capable of being able to study different topics in a totally new methodology.

It's simple: our AI has been trained to achieve one main goal: to do good in the world.

So we started testing DREOS in the medical field. We started from the study of clinical images (MRI) getting amazing results. We have expanded our target with the study of quantum physics, in search of innovative encryption. Again, we have expanded our horizons by starting to study renewable sources for a sustainable future. The results obtained are extraordinary.

We're not going to stop there. Our mission is to make a huge contribution to the world, improve ourselves on all fronts and make better our future through the use of artificial intelligence.

And we are sure we will.

Follow us and we are sure that we will surprise you!

our team


CEO & Artificial Intelligence Expert


Founder, co-CEO & Artificial Intelligence Expert


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Expert in human education and training processes applied to artificial intelligence


Expert in the different approaches to study the structural, functional, evolutionary and cognitive aspects of the human brain


Expert in the chemical and physical processes of quantum phenomena

Piero Depascale